Prints a description of the status codes from the nloptr optimization routine.



No return value; prints a summary of the nloptr status codes to the console.


#> Status codes:
#> 1: Generic success return value.
#> 2: Optimization stopped because stopval was reached.
#> 3: Optimization stopped because ftol_rel or ftol_abs was reached.
#> 4: Optimization stopped because xtol_rel or xtol_abs was reached.
#> 5: Optimization stopped because maxeval was reached.
#> 6: Optimization stopped because maxtime was reached.
#> -1: Generic failure code.
#> -2: Invalid arguments (e.g. lower bounds are bigger than upper bounds, an unknown algorithm was specified, etc.).
#> -3: Ran out of memory.
#> -4: Halted because roundoff errors limited progress. (In this case, the optimization still typically returns a useful result.)
#> -5: Halted because of a forced termination: the user called nlopt_force_stop(opt) on the optimization's nlopt_opt object opt from the user's objective function or constraints.